Pay-As-You-Go Membership (flexible scheduling)

These memberships are best suited for vendors who are just getting started and want flexibility with reservation times. With this membership, you’ll receive a login to our scheduling website for booking workstations during times that are convenient for you (subject to availability). If you join us on this plan, you may upgrade to a Regular Monthly Membership at any time. This plan has a $500 ​monthly minimum charge for workstation reservations. The reservation costs below are for each workstation, which includes one stainless Steel Prep Table w/under-counter shelf, the dimensions of which are: 30” D x 60"L x 36” H. Shelving is rented separately.

Time Period

Morning (a 9-hour shift that ​starts between 4AM-12PM)

Hours Included

9 hours

Day Rate


(a 9-hour shift that ​starts​ between 12-9PM)

9 hours


(a 6-hour shift that ​starts​ between 9PM - 3AM)

6 hours


Any 24-hour period

Any 24-hour period


Regular Monthly Membership (set weekly schedule)

Regular monthly memberships are best suited for vendors who want to have a regular reservation day, time period, and workstation. On this plan, you can reserve 1 to 7 days per week and will receive automatic bookings with no week-to-week booking required. This is great for our clients who want a regular, set schedule in the kitchen. The monthly costs below are for each workstation, which includes one stainless Steel Prep Table w/under-counter shelf, the dimensions of which are: 30” D x 60"L x 36” H. Shelving is rented separately.


MONTHLY cost ​based on​ the number of days per week 

7 Days

6 Days

3 Days

5 Days

2 Days

1 Day

4 Days

Morning: ​any 9-hr shift that starts between 4 AM and 12 PM)




















Afternoon/Eve: any 9-hr shift that starts​ between 12 PM and 9 PM)

Graveyard: ​any 6-hr shift that starts​ between 9PM-3AM)











Shelving Rates (monthly)

Shelving Type



Dry Storage Shelving

16"x 35” - $35 per shelf

$150 per rack

Refrigerator Shelving

2' x 2' shelf = $60

2' x 3' shelf = $90

2' x 4' shelf = $120

Varies depending on rack size

Freezer Shelving

2' x 2' shelf = $80

2' x 3' shelf = $120

2' x 4' shelf = $160

Full racks not available

What’s Included in our Membership

We do our best to include as much as possible in your monthly membership. Whether you have a regular Monthly Membership or a Pay-As-You-Go Membership, you’ll enjoy:

  • Use of all kitchen common equipment such as ovens, stoves, tilt skillet, sinks, carts, etc.

  • Free Wifi, computer access, and printing

  • Free Coffee, Tea, and Filtered Water

  • Utilities including trash, recycling, compost, water, gas, and electric

  • Alarm and key access 24/7

  • Dedicated vendor telephone line

  • Load-in/load-out access

    Please note that a maximum of 2 employees may work at the kitchen per station reservation to avoid overcrowding.

What’s Not Included in Our Memberships

  • Shelving (current prices listed below)

  • Towel service (pricing is $3.00 for 10 towels / 30¢ per towel)

  • On-site, all-day parking (however, there is free all-day street parking available)

How to Move Forward with a Membership

We hope that once you've explored your commissary options, you feel that Seattle Commissary is the right fit. Here are the steps to take to get ready for your Seattle Commissary Kitchen membership!

  1. Pay Application Fee. ​If you're ready to move forward with us, the first step is for you to send us a non-refundable Application Fee of $100. ​You can send this to us via Zelle using your personal banking app or the Z​elle Pay App​ at: ​​ If Zelle Pay isn't for you, you can send us your $100 application fee via the ​Cash App​ at: $SeattleCommissary

    We will send you a link after today’s tour

2.  Complete New Kitchen User Questionnaire.​ Once you pay your $100 fee, we will send you a questionnaire in your email called New Member Information Form.​ The form will collect basic info so we can build your contract, such as:

  • Desired SCK location (Marginal, Stadium or International)

  • Plan Selection (Pay-as-You-Go or Regular Monthly)

  • What TIME of day (morning, afternoon/evening, or graveyard)

  • Number of days per week that you want to use the kitchen

  • How many SHELVES or RACKS you want to reserve/rent month-to-month, including DRY, FRIDGE, and FREEZER.

  ●  Whether you’ll be wholesaling or retailing (or both). Wholesalers follow the                    WSDA process, and retailers follow the King County Health Department process.

3. Sign Agreement & Pay Initial Invoice. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we will send you a month-to-month user agreement​ via HelloSign that is customized to the plan you’ve asked for. We will also send you an ​invoice via Quickbooks​ for you to pay from your bank account. ​Your first invoice will include first month’s member fees, last month’s member fees, and deposit. Your deposit is equal to your monthly fees (minimum deposit of $500).

4. Complete Paperwork. Once you’ve signed the agreement and paid your invoice, we will send you an email with Final Steps, including a list of paperwork that we need, apps to download, and instructions for the health department. The email will contain links to access a copy of the kitchen floor plan and if applicable, either the King County Shared Use Commissary Kitchen agreement, or the WSDA Sanitization schedule, which will help you along with your health permit application. Please start sending us the paperwork we request right away. You will also get a link to schedule a New Kitchen User Orientation.

5. Obtain Health Department or WSDA Permit. The final step is to obtain your health department permit. Once you’ve done that and completed everything requested in Step 4, you’re ready to start prep!


If you do not yet have business insurance, please contact our agent for the best rates:

Shari Lofquist @ C Don Filer Agency
(206) 545-4800 or

(206) 451-7323 •

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