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Seattle Commissary KitcheN 


Our passion is equipping you to make your business and your dreams happen through partnership.

We are committed to your growth and can't wait to connect you to our vibrant community of members and see where you and your business go! 

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We believe that the food industry is one of the most valuable entries to ownership, providing individuals from all backgrounds with a low-cost pathway to entrepreneurship.  Your needs are our priority. As your business grows and expands we are ready to adapt and listen to your needs and create a lasting partnership. 

Expand your network

Our kitchens are true community hubs and embody a deep sense of connection and collaboration. Our community is made up of an incredibly diverse group of people, from every culture and economic background, which makes our kitchens feel exciting and welcoming. Members share resources and provide a strong support system for each other, which opens doors and strengthens all of our businesses!




We offer a variety of different kitchen equipment that is commercial grade and ready for your use. Our kitchens are also stocked with a variety of pots, pans, sheet pans, and small appliances. Everything you need to make your food, right at your finger tips.

Excellent service 

Our team delights in wearing many hats. We are here to support your needs, whatever they may be. We offer our own internal cleaning team to keep the kitchen clean and ready for use. If any equipment needs servicing, we have the team to take care of it in a timely manner. When you are ready to expand your business we are standing by to help!

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