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Farm Fresh Finds: Your Guide to Farmers Markets in the Seattle Area

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle's farmers markets are vibrant hubs of community, flavor, and sustainability. With each visit, you’ll find anything from local produce and artisan goods to fresh flower bouquets and hot meals made by our community’s foodtrepreneurs. Seattle farmers markets are not only a fun plan for locals and tourists alike, but they are also essential for supporting our local farmers and small businesses and promoting a strong and connected community. 

Aside from our famous and beloved Pike’s Place Market, the Seattle area has over 10 neighborhood farmers markets, with a few that operate every weekend throughout the year: U District, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Ballard, and Fremont. But as the Seattle cloud cover fades and the temperatures rise, the seasonal markets begin to pop up and stay around through the summer. We’ve put together a list of the locations and schedules of all of the farmers markets in the Seattle area. 

Here is your 2024 day-by-day guide to Seattle Farmers Markets. A Seattle Farmers Market for almost every day of the week! 

Click here for our complete Google Maps list of all of these markets. Happy shopping! 


Capitol Hill Farmers Market

3pm-7pm (June 4-Sept 24)


Columbia City Farmers Market

3pm-7pm (May 1-Oct 9)

Wallingford Farmers Market 

3pm-7pm (May 29-Sept 25)


Lake City Farmers Market

3pm-7pm (June 13-Oct 3)


Madrona Farmers Market 

3pm-7pm (May 17-Oct 25)

Phinney Farmers Market

3pm-7pm (June 7-Sept 27)


Queen Anne Farmers Market

3pm-7pm (May 30-Oct 10)

Magnolia Farmers Market 

10am-2pm (June 1-Oct 12)

South Lake Union Saturday Market 

11am-4pm (May 4-Sept. 28)

University District Farmers Market

9am-2pm Year Round


Capitol Hill Farmers Market

11am-3pm Year Round

West Seattle Farmers Market

10am-2pm Year Round

Ballard Farmers Market

9am-2pm Year Round

Fremont Sunday Market 

10am-4pm Year Round

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