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Taking your business to the road

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

How do you navigate a new economy, a new customer base, and a new market? Here are the top 5 ways a commissary kitchen can help you pivot your business to a new model for a new normal.

1. Increase Your Radius: 

Rather than being able to reach your customer base all at one central location through the hustle and bustle of downtown lunch breaks and the evening rush in this new work-from-home economy, try expanding your brick and mortar’s reach by satelliting. Utilize our shared use kitchen space to extend your business to a broader geography as well as a broader audience for a pickup or app delivery model. 

2. Target your hours:

Keep costs down by targeting busy hours. For a delivery model, you can set your own schedule and only pay for the kitchen time you really need. Focus on your dinner rush and reduce your facilities expenses. Or, experiment with varying your timing to maximize impact.

3. Reduce Overhead:

While adapting to a delivery model through our community kitchen space, enjoy the benefits of membership. Cost cutting benefits include: Facilities management and cleaning, maintenance, and utilities. These are all included as part of your membership!

4. Maintain Your Customers:

Whether you have closed your brick and mortar or are awaiting a reopen, retain your customer base through a subscription model. Produce your food in our commissary space, and through a preorder model, reduce your inventory waste. By delivering directly to your subscribers, or utilizing a pick-up method, keep cross-contact and additional cleaning labor costs down.

5. Flexibility:

As the situation evolves, so do your business needs. A commissary kitchen can offer your business flexibility in scheduling and storage for your product. Our memberships are month-to-month and we have the freedom to grow with your needs!

Whatever bends you come across in the road, Seattle Commissary Kitchen is ready to support you and make the journey great!

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